HoSt is attending RNG Works on September 20 – 22 in Nashville, TN United States.

HoSt is proud to be a sponsor of the RNG Works – The North American RNG industry’s annual two-day Technical Workshop & Trade Expo. HoSt is a golf tournament hole sponsor and sponsor of the morning refreshments. The HoSt team is looking forward to welcoming you to our booth at RNG Works and telling you more about our biogas plants. HoSt biogas plants stand out through proven technology and many innovations, this is due to HoSt’s vast experience of over 30 years, our ever-enhancing technology, and the optimization of our systems. 


HoSt biogas plants achieve the highest possible availability and process stability, with plants running on a higher organic loading, due to optimized dosing and mixing. Input streams for the digester can be manure, expired food, straw, chaff, grass cuttings, slaughterhouse waste, sludge, fats, and many more. The various components and services would typically feature in a project of this nature. 

HoSt incorporates an innovative paddle mixer on opposite sides of our round digester tanks which work in tandem with two traditional submersible mixers. The paddle mixers are slow-moving mixers that are immune to the wear and tear entrapped sand exposes them too, while being extremely effective in keeping sand in suspension to remove it with the exiting digestate.

Besides our optimised dosing and mixing HoSt introduces smart technology to assist your understanding of the build up of sand in your digester. This pre-emptive data allows for better planning, operations, and maintenance.

Patented double membrane roofs

By default, HoSt applies the reinforced concrete tanks that are built up layer by layer in situ (on the construction site). In our experience, this results in the most sturdy, durable gas-tight construction, with a flat top of the tank, which also helps the gas-tightness of the roof. HoSt has built steel bolted tanks before as well. These we can offer on request if the customer prefers steel over concrete.  

Besides the double membrane roofs HoSt makes use of a smart in-tank H2S removal. The in-tank H2S removal removes and reduces hydrogen sulfide to a minimum by adding small amounts of air to biogas and the implementation of netting below the double membrane roof, which allows the H2S to be removed with the outgoing digestate.

Lowest CI score with heat exchanger / heat recovery:

HoSt has developed additional mechanisms to lower your CI score on a project with the implementation of a heat exchanger that utilizes the heat from the outgoing digestate to heat the incoming manure entering the digester. This means better energy utilization on your plant, lower electrical consumption, and an improved CI score.


The RNG Works is held at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. RNG Works promotes RNG industry best practices, for purposes of helping realise sustainable development, deployment and utilisation of renewable natural gas – and for purposes of helping achieve greater energy independence and access to domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy supply.

Don’t forget to register for the networking golf tournament at Gaylord Springs Golf Links where HoSt is one of the golf tournament hole sponsors. The golf tournament is a great networking opportunity among a friendly game of golf.