Leading the Way in Circular Economy Solutions

This week is the “Circular Economy” week in the Netherlands. Efficient, effective, and sustainable utilization of resources characterizes a circular economy. At HoSt Group, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement. We offer innovative solutions to recover organic waste and convert it into renewable energy.

HoSt Group is a leading technology company that is committed to promoting a circular economy by providing renewable energy technology. Our specialization is developing innovative energy systems that convert (organic) waste into renewable energy. With HoSt technology, we have implemented over 400 projects in over 45 nations.

Our focus is on developing technology systems for generating sustainable energy. We have recently added hydrogen technology to our portfolio which helps to create a circular economy. Through in-house research and development, we are continuously striving to provide innovative and improved technologies to promote renewable energy.

HoSt Group is committed to contributing to the circular economy across the globe. Besides our aim to create a sustainable and circular economy, we maximize the value of resources, reflecting our firm commitment to sustainability and a greener future.

HoSt Group Renewable Energy Process and Services

Our high-tech innovative solutions process organic waste, such as wood, vegetables, fruit, supermarket waste, sludges, agricultural residues, and manure, and convert them into natural gas, bioLNG/bioCNG vehicle fuel, and food-grade liquid bioCO2 or gaseous bioCO2. Our plant’s high technology provides a sustainable and cost-effective way to create energy and reduce our reliance on finite resources and provide fewer carbon emissions. HoSt technology provides alternative fossil fuels and other valuable products.

HoSt is also an energy-as-a-service provider that offers customers an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solution. Our clients can benefit from an installation without investment, and end-product usage with a long-term contract at a fixed price. HoSt also provides a range of services to ensure customers have support and maintenance. Our clients can be sure they have a reliable energy provider and a cost-effective solution.

The circularity of energy production is essential to the future of sustainable energy. HoSt Group is devoted to decreasing the environmental footprint of waste. We try to construct a more sustainable future by providing inventive solutions that use organic waste to generate renewable energy. Contact us in our efforts to both contribute to creating a circular economy and empower your own sustainability ambitions.