The plant in Montauban (de Bretagne) converts the produced biogas into electricity. The available heat is utilized in a greenhouse complex. To make this happen, solid and liquid manure are digested, including categorized waste (such as waste from restaurants). For the categorized waste HoSt supplies hygienisation meeting EU standards and regulations at all time. In this project a significant amount of straw can be digested due to the application of a straw input line.


Location Montauban, France
Start-up October 2017


Capacity 41,000 tons / year (26,000 tons liquid, 15,000 tons solid)
Input Cow manure, porc manure, chicken manure, straw, fats, category 3 material.
Digester(s) 1 x 3,302 m³ (Ø 24 m x 8 m )
After-digester(s) 1 x 3,302 m³ (Ø 24 m x 8 m)
CHP (cogeneration) 1200 kW CHP plant with maximum heat recovery to adjacent horticultural complex
Solid feeding input 1 x 80 m³ solid feeding / mixing bin
1 x 33 m³ category 3 feeding bin (covered)
Liquid feeding input 1 x 100 m³ sludge / fats storage (heated)
1 x 50 m³ manure
1 x 50 m³ manure
After-storage 2 x 7,000 m³ (Ø 34 m x 8 m)
Digestate treatment • Screw press separator separates digestate into thick and thin fraction.


  • Minimum odour-emission by using a closed ventilation system including air-treatment by scrubber and bio-filter.
  • Processing of different category 3 material.