Membrane Biogas Upgrading Systems

HoSt Group works together with Bright Renewables for the supply of membrane biogas upgrading systems, bio-LNG / bio-CNG technology, and CO2 liquefaction. The biogas upgraders range starts from 40 Nm3/hr ingoing biogas to upgrade biogas to a methane-rich product gas, also known as biomethane or green gas. 

By applying highly efficient membranes, the so-called membrane technology, the separation of methane from biogas can reach an efficiency of more than 99.5% and render biomethane suitable for injection in the national grid or compression to CNG. The CO2 that is removed from the biogas can be recovered and liquefied to create an extra source of revenue for the plant owner.

Visit the Bright website to read about the multiple applications of biomethane and for more information about the biogas upgrading systems, the technology of biogas upgrading, bio-LNG, virtual pipeline (CNG), and CO2 recovery and liquefaction. Or for their featured projects.


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