Biogas Plants | Anaerobic Digestion

HoSt is a leading supplier of turn-key biogas plants, also known as anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. HoSt has designed and constructed numerous biogas plants for the anaerobic digestion of a variety of biomass wastes for the production of renewable energy and other valuable end-products. Equipment of the highest quality and use of the newest technology results in the most efficient biogas plants for our customers. With a biogas upgrading system, the biogas is upgraded to biomethane. Applying a CHP system for heat and power is also possible. The HoSt biogas plant types are:

Diverse waste streams

HoSt has built up extensive experience in the processing of diverse waste flows from the food-processing industry and agricultural by-products. Wondering if your material is suitable for digestion? Please contact us.




(Roadside) Grass


Polluted organic waste

Green waste

‘Brown bin’ waste

Slaughterhouse waste


From waste to sustainable energy

A heat/power unit burns the biogas to convert it into electricity and heat, or the biogas can be upgraded to biomethane with the biogas upgrading technology of HoSt. The biomethane meets the requirements for injection into the gas grid or the biomethane can be used for gas filling stations or for injection into the national gas grid.

Supply of components

Besides the digester, HoSt also provides pre-treatment equipment, sanitation units for materials in category 2 and 3, finishing plants, biogas treatment, biogas upgrading, separate gas storage units and energy supply. HoSt can provide the turn-key realisation of a complete project, but also supplies components.


All types of digestion plants are finished with trapezoidal or with any other preferred finish. Depending on the structure of the material, HoSt can give advice about the best option for an installation. Contact us for advice and information.

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