Biogas Plants | Anaerobic Digestion

HoSt North America offers highly profitable biogas plants to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) and bio-CO2 and wastewater treatment technology. Our biogas production and utilization facilities apply advanced digestion technology for the anaerobic digestion of manure, source separated organics, and municipal solid waste. HoSt’s proven and industry-leading biogas technology guarantees a profitable and highly efficient agricultural, industrial, sludge or 100% manure biogas plant. A biogas plant type for every need to empower your sustainability ambitions.

HoSt has designed and constructed numerous biogas plants worldwide. Equipment of the highest quality and use of the newest technology results in the most efficient biogas plants for our customers. With a biogas upgrading system, the produced biogas can be upgraded to biomethane for gas grid injection or for gas filling stations. Applying a combined heat and power system for electricity and heat production is another option. The HoSt biogas plant types are:

Advanced biogas technology

Our proven advanced biogas technology allows our biogas plants to run on a higher organic loading rate due to optimized dosing and mixing, achieving the ideal feedstock mixture resulting in a stable anaerobic digestion process and a high biogas production. HoSt biogas plants are known for achieving the highest process stability and availability due to continuous online monitoring and the applied mixing technology which maximizes the efficiency of the conversion of organic matter to renewable energy.

Biogas from any biomass / waste stream

HoSt has built up extensive experience in the processing of diverse waste flows from the food-processing industry and agricultural by-products. Our advanced technology allows to anaerobic digest a broad range of biomass waste streams, such as sludge, grass, solid manure, chicken manure, agricultural by-products, straw, slaughterhouse waste, and liquid waste streams. Please contact us for advice on the available feedstock of your business case.

HoSt North America

HoSt North America’s office is located in Vancouver, Washington. Our biogas references together with the local presence and planned investment in biogas projects in the North American market, demonstrate the HoSt Group’s determination to meet and anticipate its customers’ needs throughout the world with the most competitive global solutions.




(Roadside) Grass


Polluted organic waste

Green waste

‘Brown bin’ waste

Slaughterhouse waste


Biogas applications

The produced biogas can be upgraded to biomethane – a renewable natural gas – for gas grid injection or compression to bio-CNG / bio-LNG for gas filling stations or virtual pipeline technology. This is done by means of biogas upgrading applying membrane separation technology. Another option is a heat and power unit which burns the biogas to convert it into electricity and heat.

Supply of biogas plant components

Besides the digester, HoSt also provides pre-treatment equipment, sanitation units for materials in category 2 and 3, biogas treatment, biogas upgrading systems, separate gas storage units and energy supply as a service. HoSt can provide the turn-key realization of a complete project, but also supplies components.

Biogas plants maintenance service

HoSt offers worldwide tailor-made maintenance service which we provide for biogas plants that are either supplied by us or not. Contact us for personalized service contracts.


HoSt biogas plants are tailor made for your best technical and economical bioenergy and waste management solution, and stand out through various technologies and many innovations such as digestate treatment technology, patented insulated double membrane roofs, full heat recovery and difficult feedstock treatment technology. Contact us for advice and information on which type of biogas plants suits your business case in the best way.

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