The Euston Estate AD plant is built in Euston, Suffolk. In this AD plant biogas is produced from which water and H2S in removed. The scope included the HoSt mixing/dosing feeder® for an optimal feeding process. The input material consists of 100% energy crops. The digestate is treated using a screw press separator.

The purified biogas is supplied to a biogas upgrading unit (not in scope). Here, biomethane is produced by means of membrane technology. The biomethane is supplied to the local natural gas network of the United Kingdom. At full capacity, the biogas plant produces five million cubic meters of biomethane. This is equivalent to the natural gas consumption of approx. 3,000 households.


Start construction May 2014
Start-up / commissioning May 2015


Capacity 50,000 m³ / year
Input 100% energy crops
Solid feeding input 3 x 80 m³ HoSt mixing/dosing feeder®
Digester(s) 3 x 2,700 m³
After-digester(s) 1 x 2,700 m³
Digestate treatment 1 x screw press separator
CHP 1 x 190 kWe
Biogas upgrading (not in scope) 1 x 1,120 m³/h
Pre-storage / receipt 1 x storage leachate + 1 x storage process water


  • Optimal feeding process with the HoSt mixing/dosing feeder®
  • Plant suitable for the digestion of 100% energy crops
  • Preperations for CO2 liquefaction are taken

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