In Ellough, located in the English county of Suffolk, HoSt has constructed a state-of-the-art Gas to Grid injection AD plant. In the plant, with a capacity of 499 kWe, 85,000 tonnes of sugar beet, sugar beet pulp and silage corn is digested annually. The produced biogas is upgraded to 1,100 Nm3/hr natural gas quality, also known as biomethane, and then fed directly into the UK natural gas grid. This is equivalent to green energy or heat for over 7,000 homes.

The plant is equipped with four digestion tanks with a diameter of 26 metres, one after-digester, four solid feeding mixing / dosing bins, a gas tight after-storage tank, an advanced pumping system, a fl ue gas cooler and two screw press separators for the treatment of the digestate. The plant fully runs on power generated by its own gas generator.

This major plant producting renewable energy plays a positive role in meeting UK’s demands for green energy.


Location Ellough, England
Start construction June, 2013
Start-up April, 2014
Capacity 85,000 tons/year
Input Silage corn, sugar beet, sugar beet pulp
Digester(s) 4 x 2,800 m³ (Ø 26 m)
After-digester(s) 1 x 4,500 m³ (Ø 33 m)
CHP 499 kWe + flue gas cooler
Solid feeding input 4 x 80 m³ mixing/dosing bin
After-storage 1 x 4,500 m³ storage tank
Digestate treatment 2 x screw press separator


  • Digestion of sugar beet
  • Advanced pumping system