This installation is one of the first biogas installations that is built in Latvia. The installation uses agricultural products and manure to produce sustainable energy and heat. Unique about this installation is its input and mixing concept, which allows the digestion of more difficult waste streams as laying hen manure, grass and straw.

The total capacity of the installation is 60,000 tons/year and the installation produces 2 MWe of sustainable electricity.


Start Construction April 2010
Start-up February 2011


Capacity 60.000 tons/year
Input Cattle manure, laying hen manure, corn, grass and grain
Digester(s) 4 x 2,078 m³
After-digester(s) 1 x 2,078 m³+ 1 x 3,167 m³
CHP(s) 2 x 999 kWe + FGC
Pre-storage/receipt Manure tank 382 m³
Solid feeding input 2 x 60 m³ mixing/dosing bin with input screws


  • Flexible for difficult inputs like laying hen manure or straw
  • High efficiency due to three-stage concept and optimal mixing
  • Extra long residence time for straw and grass digestion

Más información

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