Wabico now an ‘Accredited Work Placement Company’

After ‘Biogas Marrum’ of HoSt received the title of the designated organization ‘SBB’, now also HoSt’s biogas facility Wabico in Waalwijk may display the sign ‘Accredited Work Placement Company’. Companies with this certificate have proven to provide a safe and qualitative training environment for trainees/interns.

SBB stands for the Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and Labour Market who recognize and guide training companies. Wabico (Waalwijkse Biomass Combination) is one of the most advanced biogas facilities in the world due to the combination of different innovative techniques. At Wabico, biogas is produced from various waste feedstocks. The biogas is upgraded to the renewable gas biomethane or green gas. Besides the production of biomethane, digestate is treated for sewer discharge (clean dischargable water) and solid compost (bio-fertilizer) is produced. The plant is also used for research and development of new anaerobic digestion (AD) technologies and optimization of existing ones.