Twence and HoSt build innovative combi-digester

On the 29th of february, Twence-director Jan Rooijakkers signed the contract with HoSt for the construction of a combi-digestion installation. This innovate installation consists of a wet fermentation line, attached to a container. In the wet fermenter, organic waste material like sewage fat and flotation sludge are digested. During this process, biogas arises.

In the container, fermentation of bigger and coarser biomass components can take place. Municipal roadside grass is an example of one of these materials. Because of the connection with the wet fermenter, this container can be filled with the necessary fermentation bacteria. Also, the material  can be warmed up to the right temperature. Consequently, coarse biomass material can be fermented. The released biogas is being added to the kitchen & garden waste fermentation installation, that is already in use and producing biogas since 2011. The container fermenter is a pilot project.