HoSt composed a liquid trace element additive ‘HoSt Trace Elements’ to boost your biogas production. As part of our total service package, we are supplying trace elements at competitive pricing. Process support is a service that we can provide, and can be offered separately or combined with a trace element/analysis package. Use the form below to order!

HoSt is specialized in the anaerobic digestion of organic waste and agricultural waste and has experience in the processing of more than 150 different waste streams, including slaughterhouse waste, sludges from waste water systems, (rice)straw, expired food etc.

How you can benefit from HoSt Trace Elements Additive

With the simple daily addition of the liquid trace element additive ‘HoSt Trace Elements’ you can improve and maintain the health of the biology in your anaerobic digesters and boost the biogas production. Our Trace Elements improve the biogas production process.

  • Liquid nature of elements allows for faster and higher absorption
  • Suitable for a wide variety of biogas plants
  • Easily used on a daily base
  • Dosage based on the type of digester and feedstock

Anaerobic digesters come in many different shapes and sizes. These plants are fed with a range of different feedstock. The most vital part of an anaerobic digester is the biology living inside.

Bacteria in an anaerobic digester require nutrients to grow and function properly. Many diets for anaerobic digestion do not contain all essential trace elements for the microorganisms in the digesters.

Deficiency of micro nutrients can have a negative impact on the anaerobic digestion process and the production of biogas. This results in a plant that is not reaching its full capacity. HoSt Trace Elements provide the solution to boost your biogas production!


The available quantities are 20 liters, 200 liters and 1,000 liters. Fill in the form below and we will advise you on the dosage required to improve your biogas production process.

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