Successfully Realizing Bioenergy Projects through Crowdfunding

HoSt turn-key supplied the biogas plant in Alphen-Chaam, the Netherlands, which has been succesfully producing and supplying biomethane to the grid for already two months. Unique about this project is the financing through crowdfunding or crowdlending. This form of financing is relatively new in the bioenergy sector, but can be a successful and useful tool to finance and stimulate bioenergy projects according to the shared learnings of Biogas Channel based on the research of Stephanie Platschorre from the Erasmus University.

The study, conducted in collaboration with crowdfunding platforms Oneplanetcrowd and Crowdfundmarkt, shares important factors that need to be managed within a bioenergy project in order to ensure that crowdfunding can be used a effective and useful tool to bridge the gap between the larger public and the energy transition in the Netherlands, and to meet the renewable energy ambitions in the Dutch climate and energy law.

“As a response to bioenergy projects implementation challenges, crowdfunding has been increasingly recognized”.

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