Special transport of HoSt’s 67 tons heavy wood fired CHP boiler to Latvia

Special transport of HoSt’s 67 tons heavy wood fired CHP boiler on Thursday, September 22 from the dock at Stork in Hengelo.

The boiler is supplied by Stork Thermeq and is part of a 3.9 MWe wood-fired CHP plant in Salaspils, a city near capital Riga in Latvia where it will produce electricity and heat that equates to the consumption of approximately 15,000 households.

Renewable energy

The wood-fired CHP plant will be built by HoSt and will provide both electricity and heat to the local district net. The produced electricity is equivalent to the consumption of around 15.000 households. Pruning waste is used as fuel to produce heat and electricity. The flue gases that are released during combustion of the pruning waste go into the boiler, that went on special transport. In turn, the boiler produces steam that powers the steam turbine which thus produces electricity.

Largest plant

The plant is the largest wood-fired CHP plant ever built by HoSt and is also the fourth major plant in Latvia realised by HoSt. In all these four plants, the waste recovery boilers are supplied by Stork Thermeq. Construction began in February 2016 and is due to start operating by the end of the year.


Timelapse of hoisting of the boiler into the building