Record Biomethane Output at Anaerobic Digestion Plant Wabico (Waalwijk)

The biomethane production at the Wabico anaerobic digestion plant in Waalwijk, exploited by HoSt, achieved a production volume of 18,718 Nm3 of biomethane in 24 hours.

This record of biomethane output happened on April 17th – April 18th. It is the first time since the commissioning of the biomethane installation that this high number of biomethane output has been achieved.

Advanced Wabico Plant

The ‘Wabico’ (Waalwijkse Biomass Combination) plant, built and operated by HoSt in the Netherlands, is one of the most advanced biogas installations in the world, due largely to the wide range of innovative technologies used on site. Although the plant is commercially operated, it is also used for research and development of new AD technologies and optimisation of existing ones. The project is constantly developing and thereby contributing to the development of the AD industry. Biogas is produced from waste feedstocks and biogas is upgraded to biomethane. Also, digestate is treated for sewer discharge and solid compost is produced.

A new addition to the plant is a CO2 recovery system to recovery and liquefy the gaseous CO2, that is produced during the biogas upgrading, for the production of food-grade quality CO2. This liquefied product CO2 with food-grade quality can be used for example in the food and beverage industry.