Process analysis of bioenergy projects

To be able to control and guide the process in a better way, HoSt can guide/advice you permanently to make sure your plant runs in the optimal way.

The availability of HoSt’s bioenergy plants is very high due to the intensive guidance. It also makes it possible to run in a more profitable way due to the optimization of the menu, for which the focus lies on replacement of input streams with streams with lower costs.

To analyse the situation in the digestion tanks, analyses of the content of the digesters is undertakenas well as process parameters measured by the monitoring system and data supplied by the operator. Problems can be solved and avoided by close mutual consultation with the operator of the plant, and this also makes it possible to realise an optimal, stable-running process.

The profitability and efficiency of the plant increases due to the high stability and the higher availability.


For more information about the possibilities that we can offer related to process guidance and process analysis, please contact us.

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