Order for biogas upgrading to CNG in Härnösand, Sweden

We are glad to announce that HoSt received an order for the construction of a biogas upgrading to CNG system in Härnösand, Sweden. The system will upgrade 100 Nm3/h biogas to 60 Nm3/h biomethane, which will be used as fuel for trucks and buses.

It is the first project for HoSt in Scandinavia and the first project where the biomethane will be used for CNG (compressed natural gas) transport fuel.

HoSt Biomethane®

Thanks to high selective membranes the HoSt biogas upgrading system is able to separate CH4 from CO2 in the biogas, producing biomethane with a methane content of > 97%. The overall methane yield is higher than 99,5%. The system is easy to operate and requires very low maintenance. They can be delivered in container(s) which means short installation and start-up time. A patented heat recovery system results in a low energy consumption for the process.