HoSt designs and constructs biogas upgrading installation in Finland

HoSt received its first order in Finland. The order includes building a HoSt Biomethane® biogas upgrading system in Äänekoski, a town in central Finland, at ‘Bioproduct Mill’ that is built by bioproducts manufacturer Metsä Fibre.

The HoSt installation upgrades the 250 Nm³/h produced biogas to 150 Nm³/h biomethane, which can easily be expanded to 350 Nm³/h biogas and 210 Nm³/h biomethane. The plan is to use the green gas for a CNG filling station, that is likely to be built along the main road. The gaseous CO2 from the upgrading will be used for the neighbouring paper mill which produces approximately 1.3 million tonnes of pulp annually.


HoSt Biomethane®

Thanks to high selective membranes the HoSt biogas upgrading system is able to separate CH4 from CO2 in the biogas, producing biomethane with a methane content of > 97%. The overall methane yield is higher than 99,5%. The system is easy to operate and requires very low maintenance. They can be delivered in container(s) which means short installation and start-up time. HoSt Biomethane® systems have the highest heat recovery of all available upgrading systems, up to 0,25 kWth m³/h biogas input.