New order for construction of plants in Montauban & Kastellin (FR)

HoSt is glad to announce that we signed for two big new projects in Montauban and Kastellin, France for the construction of two industrial biogas plants where manure is being digested to produce usable green energy.

The plants are the sixth and seventh plants from HoSt in France, this time assigned by VolV Biomass. 


The plant in Montauban converts the produced biogas into electricity. The available heat will be utilized for a greenhouse complex. To make this happen solid and liquid manure are digested, including categorized waste (such as waste from restaurants). For the categorized waste HoSt suplies hygienisation meeting EU standards and regulations at all time. In this project a significant amount of straw can be digested due to the application of a straw input line.


Unique about the plant in Kastellin is that the digestate is being treated afterwards with a cost-effective technology, which cleanses digestate to disposable waste water. The cleaned water is also being used again for the digesters. This way the amount of nitrogen in the digester is lowered to acceptable levels to prevent inhibition of nitrogen fixation activity which is required given the large input of chicken manure.

HoSt is always happy to share more information about the projects or about the exact technology being used. In this case please contact [email protected].

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