New order for construction of second straw digester in Bulgaria

HoSt received an order from ATARO Clima LTD for the construction of a biogas plant in Tsalapitsa, Bulgaria.

This is the 3rd plant which is constructed by HoSt in Bulgaria and the 2nd with the possibility to digest large amounts of straw, due to the application of a straw input line, besides the ‘standard’ Solid Feeding System. HoSt developed this concept to process these large amounts of straw (ca. 4000 tons/year).

The need to digest these large amounts of straw instead of corn silage is the result of high costs and limited availability of corn silage in Bulgaria. Because of the replacement of corn silage by straw, the economical profitability of the plant increases significantly.

The biogas plant will produce electricity with a CHP, with a power of 1.5 MWe.