Meet HoSt at the Value of Biogas West in Vancouver, Canada from November 1 – 2

Join HoSt at the Value of Biogas West conference to learn more about our technologies and biogas plants. Value of Biogas West will be a two-day in-person event, with a full conference agenda including a variety of biogas & RNG presentations and engaging speakers, among them HoSt biogas expert: Graham Hartlett. Both days of the conference will provide sponsors and exhibitors with ample networking opportunities and to build new connections. Join the presentation from Graham Hartlett and find the members of the HoSt team at booth 9! 

Through innovative and advanced technologies, HoSt anaerobically digests organic feedstocks and beneficiates biogas as a renewable natural gas (biomethane) and bio-CO2. HoSt is your one-stop-shop for technologies, designed to improve project profitability, and maximise CO2 emission reduction. Empowering sustainability ambitions for over 30 years, headquartered in the Netherlands, and operating worldwide.

Advanced biogas technology

HoSt Biogas plants stand out through our proven advanced biogas technology which allows our biogas plants to run on a higher organic loading rate due to optimized dosing and mixing, achieving the ideal feedstock mixture resulting in a stable anaerobic digestion process and high biogas production. HoSt biogas plants are known for achieving the highest process stability and availability due to continuous online monitoring and the applied mixing technology which maximizes the efficiency of the conversion of organic matter to renewable energy.

HoSt incorporates a paddle mixer on opposite sides of our round digester tanks which work in tandem with traditional submersible mixers. The paddle mixers are slow-moving mixers that are immune to the wear and tear entrapped sand exposes them to, while being extremely effective in keeping sand in suspension to remove it with the exiting digestate.


HoSt has developed additional mechanisms to lower your CI score on a project with the implementation of a heat exchanger that utilizes the heat from the outgoing digestate to heat the incoming manure entering the digester. This means better energy utilisation on your plant, lower electrical consumption, and an improved CI score. Learn more about our additional technology that lowers your CI score during Graham Hartlett’s presentation.

The HoSt team is looking forward to seeing you at the Value of Biogas West at our booth 9 and helping you find your ideal bioenergy solution.