Meet HoSt at GreenTech, Amsterdam (June 14-16)

HoSt Group is exhibiting at GreenTech Amsterdam, the Netherlands. GreenTech is the global meeting place of horticulture. Be sure to attend if you’re searching for innovation and sustainability. HoSt provides biomass-fired heat and power plants, that produce renewable heat, electricity and CO2. Register now and get a free ticket!

Why meet HoSt Group?

Join HoSt at GreenTech to learn more about our efficient biomass-fired heat and power plants. HoSt provides biomass-fired heat and power plants with the best available thermal energy conversion and NO-NOx technology. These biomass-fired heat and power plants are the solution to replace gas boilers in your greenhouse.

Biomass and waste-fired heat and power plants convert waste and biomass, such as wood waste, straw, chaff, or other organic residues that are available in large quantities, into renewable heat, electricity, and CO2. Therefore our plants can supply renewable electricity, heat, and (liquid) CO2 to your greenhouse. HoSt has realised multiple biomass-fired heat and power plants worldwide in any industry.

Come by our shared booth 01.653 with Bright Renewables, to learn more about our biomass-fired heat and power plants!

VR 360 tour

At our booth 01.653, you can have an inside look in a biomass-fired heat and power plant via an amazing VR 360 tour. The biomass-fired heat and power plant is located at Bemmel, the Netherlands. The surrounding greenhouses collectively purchase renewable heat directly from HoSt. For this purpose HoSt has realized the new generation 15MWth biomass-fired heat and power plant that HoSt also operates commercially. With the renewable heat supply service from HoSt, greenhouse growers do not have to worry about the plant. The maintenance and business operation is carried out entirely by HoSt.


GreenTech will be held at RAI Amsterdam, it is a multiple day event and it’s your chance to experience horticulture solutions first-hand. GreenTech is a horticulture technology platform in the Netherlands, where industry professionals from all over the world, including HoSt, come together to connect, network, share knowledge and do business.