Laboratory facilities

With 4 scaled digesters, it is possible to perform tests that exactly simulate the circumstances of a real digester tank: a biogas plant. These scaled digesters are made from transparent PVC and contain an input and output system out of substrate, a mixing system, and gas storage. Therefore, the produced quantity of gas can be measured in a robust and credible way.

Apart from the scaled digesters, we also have a series of flask experiments that make it possible to determine the gas production of organic waste streams. This is a simple test that only gives relevant information about the gas production of that particular stream, but not whether this stream works well in a certain menu. However, the result is a good indication for the digestibility of a product.

Along with the aforementioned biogas analyses/experiments, HoSt can also help with analysing biomass streams of e.g. dry matter, organic matter, etc.

Also see: Process analysis / guidance.


For more information about the possibilities that we can offer related to our laboratory facilities, please contact us.

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