Injection on the GRDF network complete for BLC Energy

One year after the start of the construction on the site of BLC Energy in Brehain la Cour the injection on the GRDF network is complete. The installation and communication tests with the GRDF substation were successful and have now finished.

In June last year the construction of the tanks started, this was the start of a year work on the site of BLC Energy. In the first phase the installation will be fed by a 100% vegetal feedstock type such as manure and agricultural residues. The 230 Nm³/hr of biogas will result in 120 Nm³/hr biomethane (green gas) by means of membrane biogas upgrading technology. The biomethane will be distributed through the GRDF (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) to local houses and other properties. The second phase will almost double the performances with 450 Nm³/hr of biogas which will result in 215 Nm³/hr biomethane. This will be possible thanks to 2 digesters with a dimension of 24x6m and one after-digester of 24x6m.