HoSt USA makes steady & solid progress at 300 scfm biogas plant in upstate New York

HoSt North America is making steady and solid progress on the 300 scfm biogas plant in upstate New York. This is excellent news to kick off 2023. Commissioning and first renewable natural gas production is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

Key project milestones currently being completed include the installation of the patented insulated double-membrane roofs and the installation and connection of the biogas upgrading plant with membrane technology. The renewable natural gas is destined for the California market under the Low Carbon Fuels Standard programme where it will be used as a clean transport fuel.

“At HoSt, we are proud to accelerate and further strengthen decarbonisation in the US by engineering, building, and maintaining high-tech biogas plants”, says Graham Hartlett, Chief Sales Officer at HoSt North America.

Biogas Plant CI Score

HoSt is continuously developing technologies that lower the project CI score of biogas projects. Innovations such as our sludge-to-sludge heat recovery technology ensures significant reductions in gas utilisation for heating which means lower OPEX and improved energy utilisation.