HoSt to built second biogas project for Iscal Sugar in Belgium

HoSt is thrilled to announce to partner again with Iscal Sugar for a second biogas plant project at Iscal’s sugar factory in Belgium. Following the success of the first project, which involved the anaerobic digestion of sugar manufacturing residues in the generation fo 350 Nm3 of biogas per hour during the sugar beet campaign, we are excited to continue our collaboration with Iscal Sugar.

“We are delighted to work with Iscal Sugar again on this second biogas plant project. Our previous collaboration has been a great success and we are confident that we can deliver another outstanding project that will help to reduce carbon emissions, improve sustainability, and increase energy independence”, says Area Sales Manager Ben Olde Keizer. HoSt’s biogas plants have been designed to help a wide range of industries and companies, including food manufacturers, get the best value from organic residues.

Renewable gas from sugar beet residues

HoSt will build a second biogas project at the sugar factory in Fontenoy, Belgium. The project is being carried out on behalf of Iscal Sugar, and it will involve using residual products of beets to generate renewable energy. These products will include beet tops and pulp, that will be fed into a solid feeder, and will be anaerobically digested to produce biogas. The renewable gas will then be cleaned using biogas cleaning technology to heat the sugar production process applying by a heat exchanger. During the sugar beet campaign, 200 tonnes of sugar beet waste is digested each day to produce 400 Nm3/hr biogas.

The project is unique as it will only be used during the sugar beet campaign, which happens during the harvest season. During this time, the factory has the perfect combination of producing organic waste and having a demand for heat at the same time.