HoSt started construction of biogas plant in Suffolk

HoSt received an order for the construction of a new biogas plant in Suffolk, England. It is the second order with the same customer where HoSt built a plant in 2015. The construction works have already been started with the completion of the concrete tanks last week.

At the location, an AD plant is being built with different biomass streams as input. The biogas plant is capable of handling a flexible input menu, such as liquid manure, corn silage and sugar beet pulp. The biogas will produce electricity with a 500 kWe CHP system. Also, the biogas will be upgraded to biomethane with gas to grid injection.

The scope consists of a HoSt mixing/dosing feeder® (80 m3), a push floor (120 m3), a PreMix system, manure silo, 2 digester tanks (ø 25 m * 8 m), after-digester (ø 18 m * 8 m) screw press separator and a 500 kWe CHP system. When finished, the plant will produce 40 GWh of biomethane and 4,000 Mwh of electricity.

HoSt in the UK

With already more than 10 biogas plants built in the UK, HoSt continues its presence in the UK biogas market. This week, HoSt is present at the AD&Biogas exhibition in Birmingham. Come and join us on July 6 and 7 at Birmingham’s NEC at stand D217.