HoSt shortlisted for British Renewable Energy Awards (BREA)

With pride we announce that HoSt is nominated for the British Renewable Energy Awards (BREA), organised by the Renewable Energy Association (REA). In total, there are fifteen different award categories. HoSt is nominated in the ‘Project’ category with two different projects: BECH Bioenergy Plant in Harderwijk (NL) and Microferm mono-manure plant in Merselo (NL).

Final winner of the award ‘Project’ would be “a company that has developed an outstanding project in either renewable energy, energy storage or low carbon transport infrastructure”, according to the REA’s award description.

Bioenergy Plant Harderwijk

The ‘BECH’ (Bio-Energie Centrale Harderwijk) project in Harderwijk (NL) is a result of the unique public-private partnership between a Dutch Regional Water Authority and a Dutch manure transport company and HoSt. The first biomethane-to-grid took place in November 2018. It’s an outstanding project with digestate treatment technology resulting in three end products: biomethane, clean dischargeable water and digestate/compost.

Microferm Merselo

The Microferm 100% manure digestion plant at dairy farm Loonen in Merselo (NL) represents a project of the future. It’s HoSt’s first ‘cooperative Jumpstart’ project.  Jumpstart, an initiative of Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina made possible by government’s subsidy, facilitates dairy farmers who want to realize mono-manure digesters plants on their own farm. This project represents profitable production of renewable energy (biomethane) from manure. Thanks to the cooperative and collaboration with e.g. HoSt, it is attractive for more and more dairy farmers to exploit their own mono-manure plant, produce green energy, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and contribute to the reduction of the Dutch manure problem.