HoSt receives order for the construction of a straw digester

HoSt received an order for building a biogas plant, Bioma Gas, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Remarkable about this plant is the great amount of straw (approx. 4000 tons/year) which will be digested. Host has developed her digesting concept to create the possibility to digest these large amounts of straw. Bulgaria has a need for the digestion of straw instead of corn silage because of the high costs for corn silage and the limited availability of corn silage. Due to the replacement of corn silage by straw, the economical profitability will significantly increase. To digest great volumes of straw, one of the technical solutions to feed in the straw into the digester is a shredder for straw(bales). Besides the shredder, also other adaptions are done regarding the digesting tanks.

The construction of the plant has already started with the ground works. The plant will be equipped with a 1.5 MWe CHP.