HoSt participated in IEA visit to Hengshui and Being in China

by Sjaak Klein Gunnewiek
Sales Manager Biogas Projects

HoSt participated last week in the visit to Hengshui and Being in China, organized by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA is a global energy authority and has the mission to stimulate and promote the production of renewable energy worldwide. At present, 30 countries are members, including Brazil, Canada and the USA.

During the visit, we spoke with Chinese politicians and the Biomass Energy Industry Promotion Association (BEIPA) of China about the participation of China within the IEA and we visited multiple biomass energy plant projects. Furthermore, experts from various countries were present to give presentations for an audience of more than 300 people at the conferences and to give advice on the realization of new biomass energy projects. My presentation highlighted the Dutch gas market and key technologies in the Netherlands and also brought to attention our product portfolio, including our first project in China in Huai’an. This highly advanced biogas plant is being realized at the moment with our Chinese partner CPCEP Bio-Energy LLC and expectation is that the installation will be operational in the summer of 2019. The biogas plant will produce biogas from rice straw and pig manure, which will be upgraded to biomethane and is compressed to CNG as renewable replacement for natural gas. There was great interest for this project during the visit in China. We expect that the project is a extremely important spin-off for future projects in China.