HoSt insulated double membrane roof proves itself in practice

In a Microferm digestion plant built by HoSt in Den Bommel (The Netherlands), cattle manure is digested. The produced biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and then fed into the national gas network. Heat tests have now demonstrated that the HoSt Insulated Bioroof® proves itself in practice.

In 2015, a manure digestion plant was built at the location, including a biogas upgrading system to feed the gas into the natural gas network. In order to ensure a minimum of heat loss, the after-digester tank is equiped with a special insulated double-membrane roof, developed and patented by HoSt.

The insulated membrane roofs are especially suitable for projects where biogas is not converted into heat and electricity, but is upgraded to biomethane. The insulated roofs provide for a tremendous reduction in the heat loss compared to conventional biogas roofs. On the picture below you can see that there is hardly any heat loss with an outside temperature of 2 ℃