HoSt has been shortlisted for AD&Biogas Awards in two categories

HoSt has been shortlisted in not one, but two categories for the AD & Biogas Industry Awards, organised by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).

Making the most of biogas

The first category is the so-called ‘Making the most of biogas’ category. Project Hereford has been nominated. In Hereford, in 2016, HoSt has installed a biogas upgrading plant of 1,000 Nm3/h biogas, in combination with a CO2 recovery system, 850 kg/h. The system is part of the expansion of an existing AD plant, built by HoSt in 2011. This project represents a total utilisation of the biogas production.


AD Hero of the year

‘AD Hero of the year’ is the other category. Highly appreciated colleague Blazej Zarebski has been nominated for this award. Blazej is maintenance coordinator for all HoSt AD plants in the UK. Blazej is always ready to help out clients and colleagues with his broad knowledge and practical approach. With his attitude he is able to communicate with all levels in the organisations of our AD clients.

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on July 5th in Birmingham.