HoSt Group expands sales of boiler plants and Energy-as-a-Service in DACH region with new Area Sales Manager

With the recent appointment of Markus Alexander Schranzer as Area Sales Manager for the DACH region, composed of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, HoSt Group continues its international investment and growth, responding to the energy transition needs in manufacturing, process industries, wood processing industry, and district heating. Markus will be the driving force in developing industrial biomass- and RDF-fired heat and power plants in the DACH region. Having developed bioenergy projects in 16 European countries, and with his vast experience of over 26 years in the thermal energy and biomass industry for companies in Austria, Switzerland, and the UK, HoSt is delighted to have Markus on board. 

“I am excited and proud to join HoSt Group: an innovative and progressive company with a highly motivated and experienced team with relatively many young professionals. Sustainable thinking and entrepreneurship are highly regarded within the company, and it is noticeable that the colleagues genuinely believe in empowering sustainability ambitions through the full range of renewable energy technologies, and the way of running daily business. HoSt has not only a unique product and technology portfolio but also shares my core values. I accompany the projects from the first meeting until the contract is signed, and I will not lose sight of the project. To me, it is always extremely rewarding to see the plant in operation, and it is incredibly special still having relationships with customers spanning for two decades”, says Markus Alexander Schranzer. 

Greening the DACH Region 

Markus, who originates from Austria, is excited to take on the mission to develop industrial biomass- and RDF-fired heat and combined heat & power plants (CHP) in the DACH region. Ranging from 8MWth to 25MWth per boiler, the advanced and proven cogeneration plants have innovative features to increase the efficiency, ensure the lowest emissions and reduce the installation and operations costs.  

The energy transition in combination with a strong call for decarbonisation is of global importance, also in the DACH region where the development of renewable energy systems and sources is rapidly accelerated. For the wood-processing industry, sawmills, furniture manufacturers, timber industry, and wood pellet manufacturers, HoSt offers an energy from biomass/waste solution. By means of thermal energy conversion in a biomass-fired cogeneration plant, renewable heat, power, and steam is produced to provide in an economic efficient way for a sustainable own energy consumption. Besides the wood processing industry choosing for heat and power plants, the cogeneration plants for process industry, greenhouses, district heating networks, in which HoSt also has experience. 

 “HoSt, with over 30 years of experience, has a proven and efficient technology in many industries and is a one-stop-shop for waste-to-energy technologies. Besides this, HoSt owns and operates its own bioenergy plants, meaning that HoSt gets continuous feedback on the performance of plants. This way, HoSt is ever enhancing the technology of the bioenergy plants, which is a big benefit for all the bioenergy systems”, says Markus. 

Biomass- and waste-fired power plants 

HoSt supplies turnkey, biomass- and waste-fired boiler plants ranging from 8MWth to a total 25MWth capacity per boiler to produce renewable heat, power, and steam. Optionally, the boiler can produce renewable CO₂, provided our advanced carbon capture technology is included. HoSt uses an efficient combustion technology, which is highly flexible in applicable fuels: such as water contents ranging up to more than 60%, and fuels with low ash melting points. 

Markus has overseen many projects from design, sales, and project management to the construction and commissioning of the heat and combines heat and power plants. HoSt bioenergy plants are equipped with state-of-the-art flue gas cleaning technology to minimize NOx (nitrogen oxide), sulphur, chlorine, dust, and other pollutants to meet the most stringent required emission limits in the Netherlands – the country that is leading in the cleanest emission technology – and thus in whole Europe.   

The biomass-fired heat and power plants of HoSt have the highest electrical efficiency due to the packaged high-pressure water tube boiler that goes up to 90bar whilst having a low own consumption of power. Our plants can be easily integrated into various industries, at various production factories, and for applications such as heat and power production, district heating, industrial steam delivery, and CO₂ supply for greenhouses.   

Outstanding is the bioenergy plant in Andijk, the Netherlands, which has been the result of years of research, development, and innovation, making it the cleanest bioenergy plant in the Netherlands. Independent measurements show that the plant can produce energy from wood with a large margin below emission limits in DACH countries making it future-proof as emissions limits tends to become stricter in the future. The key in achieving extremely low emissions is a combination of innovative combustion technology, precise combustion temperature control, boiler design, flue gas treatment systems and highly advanced controls.  

Besides the turnkey supply of boiler plants, Energy-as-a-Service from HoSt, individually or collectively, is a great possibility to enjoy a complete renewable energy off take service with HoSt as owner, investor, operator, and maintainer of the energy plant with the end-user completely untroubled, both financially and in terms of energy consumption. 

Deutscher Holzkongress 2022 

For 125 years, the German advocacy group of the sawmill and timber industry has been committed to the sustainable use of wood. This anniversary will be celebrated with the Deutscher Holzkongress on the 29th and the 30th of June 2022 in Berlin, Germany. The Deutscher Holzkongress will highlight the position of wood in society, politics, science, and business. Markus will be visiting this event and it is possible to make an appointment with him there, Markus will be delighted to meet you. 

Get in touch 

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