HoSt Group among fastest-growing companies in Netherlands: awarded ‘FD Gazelle 2022’

HoSt Group is among the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands and is now part of the prestigious ‘FD Gazellen‘ list. This list is compiled every year by the Dutch newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ after extensive research. 

Now that HoSt achieved a spot on this list as ‘FD Gazelle 2022’, HoSt additionally has a chance of becoming first, second or third within our category. This will be announced and awarded on Tuesday 22 November.

FD Gazellen Awards

The ‘FD Gazellen Awards’ are prizes awarded to the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. HoSt is in the category: region East + large. There are four regions: North, East, South, West. And each region has three categories: small, medium, large business.

In total, there are 685 fastest-growing companies of the Netherlands on the list.

The rankings are calculated as follows: the FD Gazelles per region and per revenue class are ranked by revenue growth and receive points depending on their position. Similarly, companies also get points for their relative employee growth and for their profit margin.