• HoSt featured on BBC

HoSt Featured in BBC’s Video Story: “CO2 and how it links to manure and fizzy drinks”

How does CO2 link to manure, biogas, fizzy drinks, and beer? BBC Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin visited the HoSt biogas plant in Worlington, UK to understand and explain how the process CO2 out of manure works. Watch the video below.

More information about CO2 capture and liquefaction below the video.

CO2 capture and liquefaction

In a HoSt biogas plant, biogas is produced from organic waste using anaerobic digestion. The produced biogas can be used in a combined heat and power (CHP) system to produce heat and electricity. It can also be used in a biogas upgrading system, also known as a biomethane plant. Then the biogas is upgraded or purified to biomethane, a renewable natural gas with the qualities of natural gas. During the upgrading of the biogas, gaseous CO2 is produced. In order to capture and re-use this carbon dioxide, a CO2 liquefaction system is needed that liquefies the CO2 and captures it in an insulated storage tank. The then food-grade CO2 can be used for example in the food and beverage industry to produce the bubbles in your soda.


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