Today, October 18th 2016, marks the 25th year of HoSt! We are celebrating 25 years full of energy as one of the largest suppliers of bioenergy systems in Europe.

Director Herman Klein Teeselink: “The last twelve years we grew with an average of 30 percent each year. Who knows what the future holds for HoSt. I believe that in the coming years the future of biomass digestion lies in renewable biogas. Let’s bet on at least 25 more years HoSt”.

25 years HoSt

HoSt was founded by Holec Projects and Stork in 1991. From 1999 onwards HoSt has been a fully independent business whose activities focus 100 percent on the technological development of systems for the processing of biomass flows and the supply of systems for the sustainable generation of energy from biomass. HoSt has built up extensive experience in the processing of diverse waste flows from the food-processing industry and agricultural by-products such as straw, chaff and grass cuttings.

Celebration & opening

In november entire HoSt will celebrate the 25th anniversary together during with a company party. In April 2017 we will officially celebrate HoSt’s 25th anniversary together with the opening of our new office, which is needed to house all our new employees. Keep an eye on our website, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay tuned.