HoSt and BGI build strong multi-fuel boilers partnership

HoSt and Bio Global Industries (BGI) entered a strategic partnership agreement to jointly offer biomass and waste-fired boilers in the UK. This partnership results in a strong position in the UK market.

BGI uses a market leading approach to the legal use of waste as fuel and permitting requirements, which allows BGI to provide the waste sector with a complete and advanced solution. The partnership with HoSt results in a fully Waste Incineration Directive (WID/IED) compliant technology tailored for the UK market.


EU Recycling target

This collaboration comes at a time when the UK has seen waste wood reclassification, soaring RDF mountains and recycling targets reaching no more than 44 percent. HoSt and BGI together will develop an ‘intelligent waste strategy’ to support the UK in achieving a minimum of 50 percent EU recycling target by 2020. Having BGI as partner means guaranteed emissions with a fully compliant technology.

Optimal IED/WID Boiler

A great understanding of Environment Agency Legislation allows BGI to provide accurate and speedy advice to customers who are looking to enter into this market. Being adept in permitting requirements BGI can assist in compliance, sampling and analytical services. The advanced HoSt combustion technology is highly flexible in applicable fuels and the high electrical efficiency obtained by the high-pressure watertube steam boiler can give 20-30 percent higher net electricity yield than comparable installations based on Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC). All together, this partnership results in the most optimal and ‘intelligent’ IED/WID boiler.