HoSt Group attending IFAT 2022 in Munich May 30 – June 3

Meet the HoSt Group at IFAT 2022 in Munich, Germany from the 30th May till the 3rd of June. The HoSt team welcomes you at booth 150 in hall A4. Be sure to attend and take an unique VR 360 tour through one of our biogas plants and one of our biomass-fired heat and power plants with NO-NOx technology for cleanest energy production. Our team of biogas and thermal energy experts will be pleased to discuss your bioenergy project(s).

Why meet HoSt Group?

Over the last three decades, HoSt Group developed a full-technology suite built around renewable energy: anaerobic digestion, upgrading of biogas to biomethane, CO2 capture and liquefaction and bio-LNG, and renewable heat and electricity through thermal conversion of wood waste, RDF and waste which makes HoSt the most complete player on the market in terms of deepness of technology scope. HoSt is a one-stop-shop in terms of technology portfolio scope where, alongside the building of bioenergy facilities, it also offers 24/7 service and maintenance and renewably energy as a service for heat, electricity, and renewable gas.

Join HoSt at IFAT to learn more about our efficient biogas plants, biomass-/waste-fired heat and power plants, and maintenance services. HoSt biogas plants produce renewable energy through the anaerobic digestion of organic biomass wastes. Our proven technology makes it possible to anaerobic digest a broad range of biomass streams, run on a higher organic loading rate due to optimised dosing and mixing, and achieve the highest process stability and availability due to applied mixing technology. Moreover, valueable end-products can be produced out of digestate using our technology. HoSt has realised multiple biogas plants worldwide in any industry.

HoSt also provides biomass-fired heat and power plants with best available thermal energy conversion and NO-NOx technology. Biomass and waste-fired heat and power plants convert waste and biomass, such as wood waste, straw, chaff or other organic residues that are available in large quantities, in renewable heat, electricity, and CO2.

The HoSt team is happy to discuss our renewable energy technologies to empower your sustainability ambitions.

VR 360 tour

At our booth 150 in hall A4 you can have an inside look in a biogas plant or a biomass-fired heat and power plant via an amazing VR 360 tour.  The biogas plant is a project of HoSt and located at a cattle farm in Noyal-Chatillon near Rennes, France. The biogas plant is characterized by its innovative features that enhance energy and maintenance efficiency, resulting in maximum performance. HoSt acted as one-stop supplier for this turnkey biogas project.

The biomass-fired heat and power plant is located at Bemmel, the Netherlands. The surrounding greenhouses collectively purchase renewable heat directly from HoSt. For this purpose HoSt has realized the new generation 15MWth biomass-fired heat and power plant that HoSt also operates commercially. With the renewable heat supply service from HoSt, the greenhouse growers do not have to worry about the plant. The maintenance and business operation is totally carried out by HoSt.

IFAT 2022

IFAT 2022 will be held at the Messe Munich, located at the east of Munich, Germany from May 30 till June 3. It is a multiple day in-person event and a leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. The conference will provide sponsors and exhibitors, including HoSt, with ample opportunities for networking and building new connections.