HoSt at GreenTech 2022 | For A Future-Proof Greenhouse

We have an economic efficient and sustainable solution for your future-proof greenhouse business. Meet our experts at GreenTech 2022 on 14, 15, and the 16th June. HoSt turnkey supplies highly efficient biomass and waste-fired heat & power boiler plants. Eager to learn more about our biomass-fired boiler systems? Register now and schedule a meeting with us at the GreenTech in Amsterdam 2022. GreenTech is a horticulture event for all horticulture professionals.

Meeting one of the thermal energy experts of the HoSt Group at the GreenTech Amsterdam is your chance to receive instant answers on your questions and receive more information on our biomass-fired heat and power plants.

Biomass Boiler Plants for Greenhouses

Energy independence, decarbonisation, and low emissions are more important than ever. HoSt biomass & waste-fired boiler plants with best available NO-NOx technology are the solution to replace gas boilers in your greenhouse.

The HoSt biomass boilers are extremely suitable for the greenhouse sector and can supply renewable heat, power and CO2 directly to the greenhouse. The plants are able to not only fire wood waste, but also greenhouse waste.

For greenhouse clusters or larger greenhouses, HoSt can offer Energy as a Service for a period of 10-15 years. In that case, HoSt will fully own and operate the plant and supply the required amount of electricity, heat, and CO2.

Building on a modular boiler system, HoSt adapts every biomass-fired boiler plant to meet customers’ exact project-specific needs and offers turnkey solutions. Your sustainable heating solution starts with HoSt.

For our new plants, but also for existing combustion plants, we offer Carbon Capture technology to capture CO2 from the flue gas.

Biomass & Greenhouse Horticulture

A very common way of heating a greenhouse is using a natural gas boiler or propane gas boiler. The horticulture sector replaces fossil fuels with renewable energy sources more and more. Biomass-fired heating with a biomass hot water boiler is a proven cost effective and highly efficient solution. Biomass-fired boiler installations are compact, can be realized anywhere, have a relative low investment, are sustainable and have the options to produce power by realizing a heat & power plant with a steam turbine and the option to supply CO2 directly to the greenhouse.


Lowest Emissions

The HoSt combustion technology is known for its lowest emissions which are reached due to advanced combustion technology in combination with flue gas cleaning technology. HoSt guarantees NOx emissions of no higher than 30 mg / Nm3 flue gas. The heat supplied by a HoSt installation is then already produced with 60% less NOx compared to natural gas boilers.

CO2 Fertilization

CO2 is important for greenhouse horticulture. It is essential for the growth of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits. This CO2 is currently mostly produced by burning fossil natural gas. A biomass plant can supply CO2 directly to the greenhouse.

Highest Efficiency

Very high efficiency increase of at least 25% is achieved due to the application of a flue gas condenser which can bring the total efficiency far over 100% based on LHV. Thanks to smart engineering, long lifetime is guaranteed, and maintenance stops and costs are reduced to a minimum.

Heat/Power Takeoff

Besides the supply of the installations, HoSt also owns and operates own installations and can step in as energy supplier for (collective) heat/power offtake. This energy service is an ideal solution when the customer wishes to not own and operate a facility itself. Six greenhouse horticulture companies in the area ‘Het Grootslag’ / ‘Agriport’ located in Andijk, province North-Holland of the Netherlands are collectively purchasing renewable heat directly from HoSt. For this purpose HoSt realized a 15 MWth biomass-fired heat and power plant that HoSt also operates. Collective offtake is possible, but individual offtake is an option too.