Green Business Operations From Site To Office

Since the founding of HoSt in 1991, the energy market has undergone enormous innovations. Thanks to intensive research and continuous development by dedicated professionals, HoSt is at the forefront of technology and can count itself among the top in biowaste to bioenergy and other valuable end-products. Making products and business operations more green has been the common thread throughout this growth.

Sustainable Bioenergy Installations

30 years of optimizing bioenergy installations makes HoSt expert in converting organic waste streams to sustainable energy such as green heat, green electricity, and biogas. The biogas is upgraded to biomethane to replace natural gas and fossil fuels. Even from the residues of these processes, various other valuable end products such as organic fertilizer from digestate and captured reusable carbon dioxide are created. These end products are applicable in various industries such as horticulture, agriculture and the food and beverage industry.

Green Business Operations

HoSt also takes the impact of its own operations on the climate into account. For example, the office building completed in 2017 is more than energy neutral and BREAAM certified. This is because, in addition to being built using mainly natural materials, the building is also equipped with HR++ insulated glass and motion sensors in the lights to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. Thanks to the combination of solar panels and heat pumps on the roofs, the energy required for the operations is more than compensated for and the office building generates more than it consumes. Any excess electricity is fed back into the power grid.

HoSt employees also contribute to our green business operations. All colleagues are encouraged to cycle to work by means of a compensation for each kilometre cycled. The company cars drive on green gas and there are charging stations present in the parking lot for electric cars. Due to Covid-19, the HoSt staff now works a maximum of three days a week at the office. This limits the chance of Covid spreading and reduces transport operations and transport emissions, thus contributing to a healthy (work) environment. In addition, HoSt has a separate waste collection, so that material can be reused as much as possible. In this way everyone contributes to the energy transition.