The ‘Wabico’ (Waalwijkse Biomass Combination) plant, built and operated by HoSt in the Netherlands, is one of the most advanced biogas installations in the world, due largely to the wide range of innovative technologies used on site. Although the plant is commercially operated, it is also used for research and development of new anaerobic digestion (AD) technologies and optimization of existing ones.

The project is constantly developing and thereby contributing to the development of the AD industry. Biogas is produced from waste feedstocks and biogas is upgraded to biomethane. Also, digestate is treated for sewer discharge and solid compost is also produced.


Due to the combination of di­fferent innovative techniques deployed on site, Wabico is one of the most advanced biogas sites in the world. The plant is located at the ‘Ecopark’ in Waalwijk, Netherlands. The Ecopark is a unique initiative for sustainable energy in the Netherlands and is one of the biggest ecoparks in the country. Three types of large scale renewable energy installation are operated within the park: solar energy, wind energy and biogas.

The HoSt research programme on site is making continuous progress in optimizing the technologies of anaerobic digestion, digestate treatment, biogas upgrading and the input of various organic waste streams. Significant insight has been gained into the optimal management of di­fferent input feedstocks as a result of the ongoing practical experiments and research.