Construction started at biogas project Bioret Metha in France

Two years after the project presentation, the construction works of a biogas plant with biogas upgrading by HoSt started in Nort-sur-Erdre in France. The biogas-to-biomethane project was brought to life in the frame of reducing the fertilization and pesticides used to preserve the water quality of Nantes. 

The first works of the biogas plant and biogas upgrading installation have now started and aim to be finished in the first quarter of 2022. Fed by a 100% vegetal feedstock type, the 250 Nm3/hr of biogas will result in 150 Nm3/hr biomethane (green gas) by means of membrane biogas upgrading technology. The biomethane will be distributed through the GRDF (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) gas net to feed the city grid of Nantes.

Start of biogas project

During an open day two years ago, the biogas project was presented to the public. The latest environmentally friendly plant production technologies used by the agricultural company SCEA de Landebroc were presented. As well as all the efforts in terms of biodiversity.

“The highlight of the day was the presentation of the Bioret Metha biogas project: replacing a significant part of the vegetable production present in the catchment reserve area of Nort-sur-Erdre with biomass to produce biogas and biomethane. This production requires much less fertiliser and zero pesticides”, says Jean-Sébastien Tronc, director of HoSt France.

The open day gave various agricultural unions and environmental associations the possibility to express themselves in the greatest transparency. “From there on the biogas project was carried out in an exemplary manner in terms of dialogue with the neighbours, the local authority, the water management union, the administrations and HoSt France”, says Jean-Sébastien.

The Bioret Metha project is an example of self-financing, which with 0% public subsidies has been able to federate a group of private investors (professionals and individuals).