For the second time HoSt was assigned by the same client for the construction of a biogas plant in Ireland. The second plant was built in Youghal, in the south of Ireland. The installation has the capability to digest 45,000 tonnes of several sludge streams mixed with digestate (both solid and liquid waste streams). The two 25 m3 pasteurisation tanks make it possible to digest category 3 waste products.

One of the main advantages of this project is that the digester and after-digester can function interchangeably. The produced biogas is utilized for running a 600 kWe CHP and a 1,200 kWe CHP to produce 1.7 MWe (electricity). The produced heat is used for the digesters and the sanitation of the anaerobic digested material.


Start Construction June 2017
Startup June 2018


Input 45,000 tonnes a year of sludge from industry and WWTP
Digester ø 23 x 7 m (2,617 m3) (can function as an after-digester)
After-digester ø 23 x 7 m (2,617 m3) (can function as a digester)
Sanitation tanks 2 x 25 m3
CHP(‘s) 600 kWe

1,200 kWe

Solid feeding input 120 m3 bunker with push floor
Pre-storage/receipt 4 x 100 m3 polyester storage tanks for liquid input to digester
After-storage Concrete tank of ø 12 x 6 m


  • Capacity of 1.7 MWe;
  • Capacity to digest several sludge streams;
  • Digester and after-digester can function interchangeably;
  • Pasteurisation of cat. 3 material;
  • The solid feed input is mixed with digestate, and then cut and pumped into the digester;
  • Before storage the digestate is sanitized in the 2 x 25 m3 sanitation tanks at a temperature of at least 70 °C.
  • Second project with the same client.

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