Den Eelder is a dairy farm in Well, The Netherlands, which has approximately 500 dairy cows. All milk is processed into dairy products at the farm.

HoSt placed a Microferm plant at Den Eelder in 2012, which converts approximately 50% of the available manure into biogas. Unique about this biogas plant is that the residence time in the Microferm digester is very short, which makes the necessary volume, and hence the private energy consumption, very low. The biogas is converted into sustainable electricity and heat in a CHP.

At the farm, there is consciously chosen for 100% manure digestion, to realize a private energy supply exclusively with privately available products, and to consequently achieve a sustainable way of conducting business.


Start Construction Spring 2012
Startup January 2013


Capacity 7,000 m³ per year
Input Cattle manure
Digester Microferm, 128 m³
After-strorage 1 x 1,526 m³ with gas storage
CHP 1 x 65 kW CHP
Pre-storage/receipt Manure pit 100 m³


  • 100% manure digestion
  • Expansion possibilities for a second Microferm

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