In Waalwijk, HoSt has constructed a biogas plant and a biogas upgrading unit to upgrade biogas to the quality of natural gas. The biogas upgrading has an innovative heat recovery system, so that no gas is needed for the heating of the digester. The biomethane is injected into the national gas grid.

Place: Waalwijk, The Netherlands
Start-up: May, 2015
Capacity: 850 Nm³/hr biogas
550 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration raw biogas: 55-60%
Methane concentration product gas: 89% (Dutch low calorific natural gas)
Efficiency: > 99.5%

Read more on the project Wabico and why it is one of the most advanced biogas installations in the world and learn here more about our biogas upgrading technology.

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