The combined heat and power (cogeneration) plant in Salaspils, a city near capital Riga in Latvia, is a highly efficient wood-fired CHP with a high pressure (52 bar) water tube steam boiler of 20 MWt and a 4.5 MWe steam turbine. The plant provides electricity and heat to the local district net. This equates to the consumption of approximately 15,000 households.

Pruning waste is used as fuel to produce heat and electricity. The flue gases that are released during combustion of the pruning waste flow into the boiler. In turn, the boiler produces steam that powers the steam turbine which then again produces electricity.


Wood storage 770 m³ bunker with overhead crane
Wood suppy system Bunker, chain scraper and hydraulic push infeeder
Furnace 9 tons/hour wood chips
Water tube steam boiler 20 MWt at 52 bar and 450 °C
Steam turbine 4.5 MWe at 85 °C
Steam condenser 14.9 MWth at 79 °C
Flue gas cleaning Multicyclone
Efficiency > 88%