HoSt Pumping Technology

HoSt supplies various types of pumps which have been proven to be effective in operation, durable for the life of the plant and easy to maintain. Depending on the input material and the customer’s specific situation, HoSt offers the most suitable solution for pumping biomass within the plant. The pumps are characterised by achieving good mixing, pumping over long distances and ease of maintenance. Flow meters can also be provided for monitoring and measured dosing. For each application, HoSt can offer the ideal pump.

Worm-type pump

The HoSt Multipump® is a pump for thick liquids and accurate dispensing.The worm pump is very compact, suitable for any location. In addition, the pump is easy to maintain, applicable to various installations and piping and has a low noise level.

Cutting pump

With a cutting pump solids such as corn and liquid materials such as liquid manure are homogenized for an increased biogas production. At the same time, undesirable materials such as stones are retained in the separator in order to prevent damage to the pump.The homogeneous mass is automatically pumped to the digesters.

Lobe pump

The lobe pump is very suitable for the pumping of manure. The lobe pump is powerful, self-priming and insensitive to coarse material. The lobe pump is very flexible and suitable for smaller rooms. The pump is easy to maintain, disassembly is not required.

Piston Pomp

The piston pump can pump material such as manure (underground) over long distances. The piston pump is available in different versions, depending on the situation.

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