In the village of Pipriac in France HoSt has built a farm scale biogas plant with a capacity of 8,300 ton per year and a large variety of input materials. The input is mainly based on the input of pig manure, fruit and vegetable waste and other agricultural waste by-products such as straw and grass.

This state-of-the-art digester exists of a digester in combination with an after-digester to reach the maximum conversion of ingoing material. The plant is provided with a 250 kWe CHP and a flue gas cooler that is able to recover a maximum amount of heat. The heat is used for greenhouses in the area.

The plant is also provided with an innovative screw press separator in order to treat the digestate. With the separator liquid material can be separated from solids.


Start construction November 2015
Start-up / commissioning August 2016


Capacity 8,300 tons/year
Input Pig manure, fruit and vegetable waste, straw, grass
Solid feeding input  1 x 60 m³ mixing bin
Digester  1 x 905 m³ (Ø 16 m)
After-digester 1 x 509 m³ (Ø 12 m)
Pre-storage Manure pit
After-storage Ø 32 m storage tank
Digestate treatment  Screw press separator


  • Plant runs on large variety of input materials;
  • 250 kWe CHP;
  • Heat used for greenhouses;
  • Innovative screw press separator.

More information

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