In Osijek (HR), HoSt built a wood-fired CHP plant. This plant will supply hot water to the district heating, steam to surrounding industries and electricity to the grid.

The prunings and the wood waste as fuel comes from the Osijek area. HoSt is responsible for the turn-key supply of the plant. The entire project is realized together with several local contractors.


Start project November 2015
Start-up / first fire November 2016


Wood storage 250 m2
Wood suppy system Chain scraper
Furnace 6.4 t/h wood
Water tube steam boiler 15 kWth
Steam turbine 3.2 MWe
Steam condenser 10.7MW at 80°C
Steam extraction 12 t/h at 15.5 bara and 245 °C
Electro static precipitator Provisions taken for future placement of electro static precipitator, to meet stricter emission requirements
Flue gas condenser 3MW
Efficiency 106%


  • The water tube boiler design has a very high availability.
  • The fouling of the boiler and furnace is minimized due to low speeds and a low temperature on the grate.
  • A high efficiency is achieved by a combination of low flue gas outlet temperature, low O2 content in the flue gasses, a flue gas condenser and an efficient steam turbine.