HoSt GiantMix®

The paddle mixer is specifically designed for mixing high viscosity liquids within the digester. It is also ideal for mixing biomass products such as grass and straw which have a tendency to float. Floating layers in a digester can lead to biological instability and inconsistent biogas production. Paddle mixers ensure that floating layers do not occur.

HoSt PropMix®

In addition to the paddle mixer, HoSt uses propeller mixers within the digester to provide maximum mixing efficiency and thereby ensuring biological stability of the digestion system. The HoSt propeller has large blades which generate a huge thrust despite a relatively low rotational speed. The low rotational speed also ensures that there is less wear and tear on the propeller.

HoSt TopMix®

A vertical agitator located centrally within the digester tank, designed for tanks with fixed roofs, ensuring optimal mixing and low energy consumption.

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