This fully autonomous biogas plant of Biogas Marrum is engineered and constructed by HoSt. The plant processes annually more than 35,000 tonnes of manure and produces annually 2.2 million Nm3 of biomethane with natural gas quality. The biomethane is fed into the gas network and is equivalent to the average yearly gas consumption of 1,450 households.

Biomass from cattle manure is stored in enclosed spaces. To prevent odour from spreading, the manure is unloaded in an airtight area on a moving conveyor floor. The air undergoes an advanced air purification treatment before being released back outside. 

A unique feature of the installation is the integrated heat recovery system. Through the use of a heat pump, barely any heat is lost, which makes the installation highly efficient.

In addition to the biomethane production, high-quality fertilizers are processed for local sales in the agriculture sector and are used as raw material. The digestate is separated into a thick and a thin fraction. After digestate treatment, the thick fraction becomes an export-worthy residual product and is exported.


Location Marrum, The Netherlands
Start construction May 2018
Start-up December 2018
Capacity 37,000 tons of manure a year
Digesters 1 x 3,000 m³ (Ø 22 m)
After-digesters 1 x 3,000 m³ (Ø 22 m)
1x 450 m³ (Ø 10 m)
Solid feeding input 30 m³ conveyor moving floor for quick cargo dispatch with airtight system against odour
Pre-storage 1 x  450 m³ manure storage
1 x 100 m³ glycerine/molasses storage tank
1x 20 m³ iron water storage tank


Capacity 325 Nm³/h biomethane
Methane concentration raw biogas 58%
Methane concentration product gas 89%
Efficiency 99%


  • Fully autonomous biogas plant
  • Integrated air purification system and conveyor unloading floor against odour
  • High efficiency due to maximum heat recovery
  • Biogas upgrading

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